Zusammenarbeit mit MicroStrategySeit mehreren Jahren setzt Promathics auf den Marktführer


MicroStrategy offers MicroStrategy 11.3.7, which is the product evaluated for this research, and MicroStrategy Cloud. In 2022, MicroStrategy complemented its augmented analytics capability with MicroStrategy Insights, which applies machine learning to detect outliers and anomalies and delivers automated insights. Another innovation was the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification, which allows MicroStrategy to provide cloud-based services to United States government institutions.

MicroStrategy scored higher than any other vendor in the reporting and governance capabilities, addressing the increasing governance and control concerns in self-service analytics. MicroStrategy allows users to design reports and dashboards with pixel-perfect layouts. The formatting toolbars, rulers, grids and drag-and-drop functionality will be intuitively familiar to users of Microsoft Office or Adobe design applications.

MicroStrategy also deals well with mobile responsive UI, supporting both iOS and Android and allowing users to interact with the reports in multiple ways using their mobile device, including drilling up/down/across, moving items to other sections, and sorting. On the governance side, MicroStrategy excels at providing certification and tags to improve search and recommendations for all data and objects within dossiers. It also excels at promoting business-user-generated analytic content out of personal or local development environments and into governed collaborative environments.
In response to the positive trend toward the augmented consumer use case, especially regarding automated insights, MicroStrategy launched MicroStrategy Insights.

MicroStrategy’s strongest use case is for the analytics developer, where it achieved the highest score among vendors. The platform’s unmatched reporting and governance capabilities allows organizations to deliver top-notch reporting and scale with control and security…

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